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Barbara Flueckiger

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors and SNSF Film Colors, University of Zurich
Professor / Principal Investigator
Barbara Flueckiger has been a professor for film studies at the University of Zurich since 2007. Before her studies in film theory and history, she worked internationally as a film professional. She is the author of two text books about “Sound Design” and “Visual Effects”.

Since 2001 she has developed and led many research projects on film technology and aesthetics. Her recent research projects investigate the digitization and restoration of archival film, in collaboration with archives and the film industry. In 2015 she was awarded the prestigious Advanced Grant by the European Research Council for a research project that investigates the relationship between the technology and aesthetics of film colors and a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation for the investigation of the cultural and institutional context of film color technology. In 2018 she received two additional grants, Presentation and Visualization of Historical Film Colors from the Swiss National Science Foundation, and ERC Proof of Concept: Development of a New Versatile Archival Film Scanner (VeCoScan) again from the European Research Council.

Research Topics: Aesthetics, Style, Digital Humanities, Technology, Film History, Subjectivity, Perception, Narration.
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