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Charles Poynton

Toronto, Canada
I am an independent contractor specializing in the physics, mathematics, engineering, and programming of digital colour (color!) imaging systems, including digital still cameras, digital video, HD/UHD/4K/8K (HDTV/UHDTV), VFX/CGI, and DI and digital cinema (D-cinema) systems. I am involved in engineering wide colour gamut (WCG, or wide gamut color) and high dynamic range (HDR) systems. I am an expert in colorspaces such as DCI P3 RGB, Adobe RGB 1998, ACES AP0/AP1, and BT.2020. I do technology forecasting, systems modelling, algorithm development, video signal processing architecture, colour characterization and calibration, and image quality assessment. I have experience as a consulting and testifying expert witness. It was about 20 years ago that I decided that HD should have 1080 image rows, and square pixels.
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