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David Pfluger

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors, University of Zurich
Research Scientist
David Pfluger, born in 1971, made his PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Basel (PhD Thesis: Hochauflösende Absorptionsspektroskopie an Polyacetylen- und Cyanopolyacetylen Kationen, Universität Basel, 2001). After his graduation in 2002 he was working in cinema post production for 6 years before entering the field of time-based media preservation. He is an active member of the film and video competence networks of Memoriav, Switzerland since 2005 and was part of several research projects in the field of media conservation. At the ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors project at the Film Studies department of the University of Zürich he supervises restoration case studies and is part of the technical team who develops a multispectral film scanner specifically aimed at the challenges of the preservation of film colours.