avatar for Michelle Beutler

Michelle Beutler

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors
PhD Candidate
avatar for Sreya Chatterjee

Sreya Chatterjee

HTW Berlin
avatar for Noemi Daugaard

Noemi Daugaard

SNSF Film Colors
PhD Candidate
avatar for Josephine Diecke

Josephine Diecke

SNSF Project Filmcolors. Technologies, Cultures, Institutions
PhD Student
avatar for Barbara Flueckiger

Barbara Flueckiger

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors and SNSF Film Colors, University of Zurich
Professor / Principal Investigator
avatar for Lutz Garmsen

Lutz Garmsen

University of Zurich
avatar for Eva Hielscher

Eva Hielscher

Film Scholar, Curator and Moving Image Archivist
avatar for Joëlle Kost

Joëlle Kost

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors
PhD Candidate
avatar for James Layton

James Layton

The Museum of Modern Art
Manager, Film Preservation Center
avatar for David Pfluger

David Pfluger

Scan2Screen project, University of Zurich
Research Scientist
avatar for Charles Poynton

Charles Poynton

Scientist / Mathematician
avatar for Ulrich Ruedel

Ulrich Ruedel

HTW - University of Applied Sciences Berlin
avatar for Olivia Kristina Stutz

Olivia Kristina Stutz

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors, University of Zurich
PhD student
avatar for Elza Tantcheva-Burdge

Elza Tantcheva-Burdge

Colour Group (Great Britain)
Committee Member
avatar for Giorgio Trumpy

Giorgio Trumpy

Norwegian University of Science and Technology / University of Zurich
Associate Professor
avatar for Kieron Webb

Kieron Webb

British Film Institute